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How to hire the right people for your start-up?

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Sasha Sadri</a>
by Sasha Sadri

You've got the motivation. You've got the idea. You've worked out your product. You've even received initial funding. Now what? Well, now it's time to go out and attract the right people to come help your startup company grow. This step gets severely underestimated by young and ambitious entrepreneurs, overlooking the importance of finding the right fit for your team.

Many entrepreneurs end up making bad decisions and hire people that might look compatible on the surface, but when looking a bit past the facade after the initial few weeks or even months it turns out they were not the right fit for your team. It is absolutely in the best interest of your company to get rid of the “unsuitable” hire as soon as humanly possible. It might sound harsh and too upfront, but you have to set aside your personal feelings for the well-being of your enterprise.

We talked to several startup owners throughout the last couple of days to sort of gauge their vision on how to make the “perfect” hire. Two main traits seemed to be essential components across the boards:

What intelligence in a business environment tends to mean is that people will be able to pick up things fairly easily. Intelligent people will approach problems, make the correct analyses and draw logical conclusions. They are able to approach problem from a high level, and think innovatively to help you push you and the rest of your team. Too many business owners are stuck with hires that need to have the same thing explained to them six or seven times without making noticeable progress. Don't be that owner. Or, rather, don't be that hire.

It is a breathe of fresh air for a team to have people in it coming up with creative, challenging new ideas or concepts. It shouldn't always have to come from up top and having intelligent people can help your company make huge progress. People lacking intelligence are much more inclined to be part of a one-way dialogue, resulting in a “yes, sir. No, sir” type of conversation between you and your employees. Find motivated people with a decent amount of intelligence, guys!

Secondly, a lot of the companies we talked to mention another interesting element, loyalty.
This doesn't mean you have to go out and find people that are going to be with your company for the next 23 years. No. The reality of the world is that even though people could be the right fit for you your team right now, it doesn't necessarily mean they will still be the right fit in three or four years from now. Situations change, your company evolves, and so will the people that work for you. However, it is in your control to try and offer good hires as much stimulation and challenge as you possibly can to prevent that sort of stuff from happening.

Hiring someone that's loyal doesn't mean that person will be with you until they retire, but what it does mean is that they buy into your vision. Into your culture. Into your vision and ethos.

Hiring someone that's loyal doesn't mean that person will be with you until they retire, but what it does mean is that they buy into your vision. Into your culture. Into your vision and ethos. And displays the absolute willingness to live by those values as well. Your role as a leader is absolutely essential as loyal people will pick up on the infectious energy that you exude. This allows for your team members to leave meetings feeling positively energized and motivated and quotes such as “I just can't wait to get to cracking on this project!“. The loyalty actually then comes from the stimulation you offer them, making your team WANT to work for you and them not being able to imagine working anywhere else. THAT is loyalty!

Now, obviously these are just some of the lessons we took from some professionals in the local startup scene. We're definitely curious to hear what your top suggestions for new business owners are. Please let us know!!